About Us is a Multi-services, Offers, Cashback and Rewards website. We endeavour to provide a unique and satisfying experience to our customers. Our aim is to offer highly rewarding Online Shopping experience, where you are rewarded for your Online shopping from our partner websites. We create and strive for excellence in everything we do and with we are trying to do the same.

Our core intent is to empower You, the user, to feel comfortable and excited while Shopping Online. We provide great offers within a safe environment and assure the security of your personal information and your rewards.

We provide simple means to enrich your shopping experience with highly lucrative deals and rewards. Not only that, our unique Referral program lets you earn when your friend's, and their's, shop online too.

Our Philosophy

Most of us have seen many sectors grow tremendously during our life. The most nagging question we have all through, during any such time is that: "How does this sector's huge growth benefit me?"
While many people made great profits during such times, many were just left out. No doubt, indirect benefits like better services, better products & quality were seen during any such growth period, but not direct monetary benefit.
Well, we have also felt this many times. During the Retail markets upsurge, then during the IT boom, during the Stock market zoom, then when the Real Estate prices started escalating. The inadequacy of the system led us to ask some serious questions like "Why dosn't everyone benefit from such boom?"
This question led to a lot of research looking for the answer. Finally after many distribution models we came to a prototype program. We tested & ran simulations on many economic models but each had some problem. We finally took the best features of all such models and put them together into this prototype model.
Then again we ran tests and simulations on this model for months to find if there are any problems. We did find some and addressed those problems. Finally after many tests and iterations our existing Referral Program was born. We especially carved it to address our core issue, which was to distribute the profits of a growing sector back to it's users. This growing sector is the E-commerce & Digital services sector!!

Our Referral Program is integrated into our Cashback service to give the user, the benefit of the growth in the E-commerce sector. As the E-commerce sector grows, You, the user will get Referral Cashbacks from the many millions of referred users, who buy online or use Online services like Recharging or ordering food, etc.

Our Aim behind this Referral Program is only to Distribute the Revenues generated by the huge spurt in E-commerce activities, back to the Users like you.
The biggest plus point of this program is that you make huge profits without investing any money !!

Our philosophy entails that any sector which shows extraordinary growth should give back monetary benefits to it's users. We will keep working towards this aim and we will be researching and adding more services and products, so that you can earn more Referral Cashbacks, forever !!

Happy Shopping !