Earn with us Features TelegramBot

💰Rewards Bonanza 💰🎉

Earn Rs.20+ Daily – Upto Rs.20K per month by only inviting people !!

500% Increase in RefPoints Value to 1 RefPoint = Rs.0.009

With this Increased Payout

You can easily reach the Rs.20K in just 6-7 weeks !

Yes… Just Inviting others you accumulate RefPoints when your Invited User Pool, upto 15th tier, Join and Invite others…

Researched Calculations show that by just Inviting 2 persons every week & them following the same process, You can easily accumulate more than 5000+ people in your pool, translating to a RefPoint value of Rs.19K+

How you can Earn just by Inviting ?

Yes we have researched and then calculated through a number of iterations that by simply Inviting people you can Earn ! Just follow the steps…

  • Join SuperGainsBot
  • Join the Promoted Channels
  • Invite Others
  • Ask your Invited users to follow this process.
  • Promote your own Channels (Optional)

That’s it !

You will see within some time Your RefPoints will start Increasing phenomenally !!

You can start Redeeming RefPoints when total accumulated RefPoints value reaches Rs.500

Nothing is Easier than this!!

Keep Inviting…. Keep Earning !!


  • Max RefPoints Value fixed at Rs.20,000 pm.
  • Limited time offer.
  • Indian Users can opt to Transfer to Bank or Indian Wallets.
  • International Users can currently only redeem RefPoints for Premium Subscriptions like Extra RSS Feeds, Upcoming Private Channel Subscriptions, etc.
  • Any one found employing unfair or illegal means would be banned and amounts forfeited.
  • If you leave a Channel within 15 days your RefPoints will be reversed back. Multiple actions can get you banned.

Features Own Referral Bot

Create Your Own Telegram Referral Bot



Yes As promised…
Register your Own Bot with Same Powerful Functions like that of our SuperGainsBot:

  • Referral Points till (15th step)
  • Your Users can Promote their Channels too
  • Your Users can Earn Coins for Joining Promoted Channels
  • Earn Revenue from Promoting Channels
  • More Features coming soon

○ Just GOTO
○ Click START (if haven’t already)
○ Click “invite” button
○ Join Promoted Channel and click “Validate
NOW type “Register_Bot” and send
(Since this is Soft Launch of this feature, the Register_Bot button is not visible.)

• Once you type Register_Bot and send
• you will see pre-selected reply screen
• If you already have a Telegram Bot registered proceed further (or see below to get new Telegram Bot**)
• just get it’s API Token^ from @BotFather and paste & Send
• Your Bot will be Registered with SuperGainsBot
• Just goto your own Bot and click START to see it working !

**To Register NEW Bot with Telegram:

  1. Goto Telegram’s Bot Registrar @BotFather
  2. type /newbot
  3. type your new Bot’s Name (This is any visible name of Bot – can be changed later)
  4. type you new Bot’s User Name (Carefully choose – this cannot be changed later)
    Hurray ! – Your New Telegram Bot is Created !
  5. ^Now copy the Token shown below this line “Use this token to access the HTTP API:” in the BotFather window
    Now see •points above

Once your Bot is Registered with us Goto your Bot and Click START to see the Bot in action !

Njoy !!

Watch the youtube video on how you can easily create your own Telegram Referral Bot

For Feedback/Queries type Feedback in SuperGainsBot chat window and send. You will receive the Link to the Feedback form. Just fill it to let us know and we will try to act on it.

Or you can click on the Feedback Form link

New Features TelegramBot

Share Externally

Share your Invite Link to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Newly Added “Share ⏩” button lets you easily share your Invite link to any app or email, etc.

Click “invite” button in SuperGainsBot

You will a message like this. New “Share ⏩” button is visible

Clicking on the Share button will show a message like this.

Click on “OPEN” to take you to your browser. You will see a Sharing Page like this.

You can click on any button to share your link directly to that app or website.

Easy !!

Keep Inviting… Keep Earning !

How to?

Create New Telegram Channel

Telegram Channels are very Easy to create !

  • Download the Telegram app from app store of your choice
  • Install and Register with your mobile number
  • In Menu click New Channel
  • Type in a display Name of you Channel
  • Click Public Channel
  • Type in the Channel Username for Channel link
  • Add some friends if you like or skip this step
  • Your New Telegram Channel is Ready !!

Easy Right !

New Features

❇️NEW FEATURE : RSS Feed to Telegram Channel !!🥳🥳

Now you can send any RSS Feed to your Channel…

This is Beta launch so no direct button is active.

Steps to activate RSS feed:

• Type RSS_FEED in SuperGainsBot chat window
• Click Add_RSS
• Follow the given instructions thereafter…

Your RSS feed is activated and if you wish to receive it to your Channel then register the Channel too.

If you do not want the RSS feed to go to any channel, then it will come to your Bot chat window directly.

Enjoy !!

Earn with us Features

❇️Earn as Affiliates💵💰

Earn from Your Telegram Channels as Affiliate Partners !

Instant Setup • No Investment • No Website needed


  1. Get great offers from reputed web merchants.
  2. Upto 97% discounted offers
  3. Get commissions of user purchases when user clicks & buys
  4. Get Referral Cashbacks when your Invited users clicks & Buys – upto 15th tier.
  5. Get Commissions & Referral Cashbacks on all our services.
  6. Start your Earning Business without any Investment.
  7. Automatic User account management
  8. Earn Referral Commission even when Your Invited Users Enroll as Affiliates and do business.

How to Enroll?

  1. Simply Register your Channel by clicking “Promote_Channel” button and following instructions.
  2. After successful channel registration, click “Affiliate_Earn” button.
  3. Click “Enroll_Affiliate_Channel” button
  4. Select Channel to Affiliate – this channel will receive our offer posts.

You & Your Channel are Enrolled. You will start seeing offers in your Channel within 24 hrs.

Join SuperGainsBot for great Earnings and multiple features !

Features New Features

Earn from your Social Media 💰💰🤑

And Twitter too !!

We are launching Advertising Module very soon !

If you are Owner of Telegram Channel or Group Or Twitter handle, then you can show Advertisement posts on your platforms & Earn Revenues.

Please Apply by filling this small form

We will review your application. If shortlisted, we will get in touch with you with further details.

Keep Inviting…!

If your invited pool users earn Revenue, then you get Referral Revenue too (that too uptill your 15th tier user revenue !)

Features New Features

NEW FEATURE: Channel Owners: Know all your Channels !

Telegram Channel Owners have a BIG issue as they cannot know how many channels they own and which ones.

We have the easiest Solution…

  1. Just Forward any message from Your own Channel to SuperGainsBot.
  2. Don’t click “Ok – Register”, if you do not want to promote it (Simply do step 1 above and let it be).
  3. Repeat this for all your own channels.
  4. Click on “My Channels” button within “Promote_Channel” menu.

You will see your Channels whether actively promoted or inactive, all in one place for you to remember !

Features New Features

Personalised Cashback Links

Now Get Personalised Cashback Links for given Offers

Check THIS offer in CashNjoy Telegram Channel

  1. Click the button “Get Cashback link for this offer
  2. If you are SuperGainsBot user you will see the Cashback link in the Bot chat window.

If not You will see an Alert message asking you to Start the SuperGainsBot to start receiving Personalised Cashback Links for Exclusive offers !

Features TelegramBot

UPDATE: “balance” button

“balance” button now shows Tier wise Users

If you have users at various Tiers, you will now be able to see Tier wise number of users, in addition to Total Users using the “balance” button.

New Features Own Referral Bot

NEW: “Referral” Button for Bot Owners

Bot Owners can Set the Maximum Referral Tier that users can benefit upto.

The Default Max Tier is 15.

Bot owners can change that

How to Change/Set Referral Maximum Tier:

  1. Click “Referral” Button
  2. Type a value between (or including) 1 to 15
  3. Send

The Max Ref Limit will be set.

Eg: If you change this limit to say, 3, then your users will only be able to get RefPoint benefit uptill their 3rd Tier Invited users only