Upload your Contacts and Earn when they shop online

NEW: Upload Contacts and Earn

Now You don't even need to refer anyone !

Simply Upload your contacts Email addresses and when they shop online through us, you will automatically get Referral Cashback points.

This is on first upload basis. The user who first uploads an email, which registers and avails our cashbacks, that user becomes the referrer. Anyone who has subsequently uploaded the same email, will not be refferer for that email. So Hurry up and start Uploading before anyone else does !!!

How to Upload contacts?
-> You can export your contacts/emails to a csv file and mail it to us at

How to create csv file?
->Here's how to Export existing Gmail contacts into a CSV file. (For other email clients like Yahoo/Hotmail/Outlook you can search them on google. Eg: Export yahoo contacts to csv)