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When your referred friend Shops or Recharges Online from our partner websites, you will earn Referral Cashback, which is reflected in your Wallet automatically.

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Thus you earn Referral cashbacks for your referred friends online shopping upto the 6th Referral level !

Eg. Suppose user X refers Y and user Y refers Z and further A, B, C then D (See Referral table below).
That is X --> Y --> Z --> A --> B --> C --> D

Example: Table showing User X's Referral Earnings
Referral Level User Referral Cashback
Level 0 user X (you)
Level 1 user Y15.00%
Level 2 user Z12.50%
Level 3 user A10.00%
Level 4 user B 8.50%
Level 5 user C7.50%
Level 6 user D 6.50%
Now user D is 6th level referral of user X. When user D shops online, all users X, Y, Z, A, B and C will earn some Referral cashback.

Thus user X will earn Referral cashback (6.50%) even when user X's 6th Level Referrals shops online. User X earns Referral Points (15.00%) when the direct referral User Y shops online.

NOTE: Please remember to Activate your Wallet

So start Referring and Earning !

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